When it all goes dark inside, wonder is your saviour, should you be so brave to ask for its helping hand.

The idea suggests that when one is going through a difficult or a challenging time, maintaining a sense of wonder can help us find hope through the natural beauty that is all around us. It implies that wonder can be a powerful tool for coping with dark times, as it can inspire curiosity, creativity, and a sense of awe. To clarify, the concept of dark times and the darkness inside refers to feelings of loss, internal struggle and/or turmoil, confusion, distress, heartache and/or heartbreak, and/or any emotion that presents itself as an unsolvable problem. 

When things seem bleak and hopeless, it can be easy to lose sight of the beauty and magic that exists in the world. Having said that, this experience should not and cannot be invalidated. Our pain cannot be denied, even when it blindsides us to the beauty around us. The tragedies and traumas we face in our lives are real experiences that demand to be acknowledged. 

I propose that wonder and curiosity can be a powerful source of comfort, reminding us to keep an open mind and to look for awe even in the most difficult of circumstances. It seems intuitive to me that one should seek wonder, not for the sake of survival, but because I believe we all are deserving of peace, understanding and the best things this world has to offer all of us.

By cultivating our courage to seek wonder, and indeed use it as a means to discover the beauty around us, we can find the strength to acknowledge our struggles and the motivation to keep searching for meaning and purpose in our lives. So when it feels like everything is going wrong and it’s all going dark inside, remember that wonder can be your saviour, guiding you towards the natural beauty of the world and on your path toward inner peace.

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