Whatever makes atoms cling to each other in such a way that it creates the human brain, and subsequently consciousness, is the root of human intelligence and consciousness itself. That’s where it starts. Consciousness and intelligence, therefore, are not just human characteristics, they are consequences of the basic structure of the universe.

The concept is rooted in the idea that the fundamental laws of physics that govern the behaviour of matter and energy in the universe, including the way atoms interact and bond with one another, ultimately give rise to human consciousness and intelligence.

Atoms are the building blocks of matter, and the way they interact with each other determines the structure and properties of all the materials in the world, including the human brain. The human brain is made up of billions of neurons, each of which is composed of atoms that are held together by chemical bonds.

The chemical reactions that occur in the brain are responsible for creating the electrical impulses that allow neurons to communicate with one another, forming complex networks that enable human thought, perception, and consciousness. These networks give rise to the subjective experience of consciousness, which is the awareness of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

According to this argument, consciousness and intelligence are not unique to humans, but rather are emergent properties of the universe itself. While human brains may be particularly complex and sophisticated, the same basic principles that give rise to human consciousness can be found at every level of the natural world, from the simplest organisms to the most complex systems.

This perspective challenges the notion that consciousness and intelligence are purely biological phenomena, and suggests that they are deeply rooted in the underlying structure of the universe. This is where our philosophical theory is important as it presents science with the task of challenging long-held beliefs so that we may develop our understanding of the natural world further. By understanding the basic principles that give rise to these phenomena, scientists may be able to gain new insights into the nature of consciousness and intelligence, and ultimately, into the nature of the universe itself.

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