The H8 Ball - Alix de Bretagne

The H8 Ball

(Readymade, 2020)

The Stuff Of Nightmares

The H8 (hate) ball is another nightmarish readymade that probes at the thoughts one might encounter when experiencing suicidal ideation triggered by mental health challenges such as depression. At first glance, it functions like a regular 8 ball – you shake it, flip it, and the answer is revealed. With the H8 ball, the answers revealed through the dark ink are parallel to the thoughts one might experience when faced with suicidal ideation and depression. The readymade is also indicative of how complex it can be to see people’s inner struggles based on the exterior appearance.

By creating such a confronting piece, the artist hopes that we can recognise and acknowledge that these challenging thoughts may stem from more than just a bad day. The artist hopes that if the viewer can connect with the thoughts materialised in the H8 ball, perhaps they themselves may be suffering from mental challenges.

There’s something to be said about the action required to get rid of the nasty message displayed in the H8 Ball. Merely shaking the ball will not cause the message to change; you are required to flip the ball entirely, shake it again and flip it back up (Not available to do digitally). The action required to change the message alludes to the affirmative action one must make in order to change our mode of thinking.

“Depression doesn’t really feel like anything, nor does it come with warning signs – not to the person going through it, anyway. It very much consumes all of you, and one only realises the extent to which one is affected by depression when one is already knee deep into it; and sometimes never. It’s a very dangerous foe – it consumes everything and leaves nothing but pain in its tracks. Depression is pain. Depression is trauma.

The idea behind the H8 Ball is to make my audience realise that it’s not normal to have any of the thoughts which the ball displays. It’s really not OK to normalise them – we need to take affirmative action to understand what is going on within us in order to heal. I hope this H8 Ball helps achieve awareness and compels people to effect change in their lives – it’s so important for all of us to look after each other” – Alexandru R

The H8 Ball - Reeadymade, Alix de Bretage

Experience the H8 Ball digitally

Using technology, you can now experience the H8 Ball on your mobile or on your desktop. Just tap on the ball.


Caution should be taken when handling this readymade. It contains strong language that some may find distressing. If you are yourself experiencing any of the thoughts expressed through this readymade, please contact your GP or medical professional for help – you are not alone.


How to buy

This art piece is a ready-made within conceptual art practices. 

This art piece is sold under the artist name “Alexandru R”. All past art pieces created and signed as “Alix de Bretagne” shall be considered the works of Alexandru R.

The H8 Ball (physical copy)

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