Telling our queer love stories sincerely and with compassion, because they matter. 

For our allies,

because they deserve (and want) to see our authentic stories told sincerely, without censorship, and in their full gay glory.

For our community,

because positive representation matters, and because we need to teach our community about love – from what it looks like to how to do it.

For our giants,

because we all sit on their shoulders and we have a duty to continue their legacy, contribute, and pass it on.

"I want to make the films I wanted to watch as a teenager.
I want to portray a positive, loving image of queerness to the world. Enough with us dying, being beaten, exposed, converted. It's time to show love and what love could be, if only we knew how to do it. So I started writing a series of short stories which I will film in the next three years. I hope you'll love these stories enough to join me on this journey - we're always better together."

Alexandru R


Join me and other likeminded folk in telling queer love stories. 


Live projects are listed in the Stories Hub. Check them out and, if you love the stories, I’d love to have you on board. 

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