The Stuff of Nightmares

A collection of shame-triggering, thought-provoking readymades by Alix de Bretagne
The Stuff Of Nightmares - The Scale

The Scale

(Readymade, 2019) Whether it shocks you, disgusts you or if it makes you laugh, this readymade is certainly thought provoking. It’s reflective on several mental health ailments, such as body dysmorphia, which the artist themselves struggles with.

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The H8 Ball - Reeadymade, Alix de Bretage

The H8 Ball

(Readymade, 2020) The H8 (hate) ball is another nightmarish readymade that probes at the thoughts one might encounter when experiencing suicidal ideation triggered by mental health challenges such as depression. At first glance, it functions like a regular 8 ball – you shake it, flip it, and the answer is revealed. With the H8 ball, the answers revealed through the dark ink are parallel to the thoughts one might experience when faced with suicidal ideation and depression. The readymade is also indicative of how complex it can be to see people’s inner struggles based on the exterior appearance.

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Alix de Bretagne - Memento Mori (Readymade, 2018)

Memento Mori

(Readymade, 2018) The artist invites us to meditate on death and what it means to us. More so, through this readymade, de Bretagne perpetuates the practice of having skulls in your day-to-day space in order to keep in mind that death is only around the corner, and that life should be lived fully, every day.

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