The true self reveals itself to kind eyes.

The concept highlights the importance of kindness in the process of revealing our true natures. If one is driven by love, compassion and kindness, we hold space for our true natures to exist outside of judgement and fear. This concept widely practised in psychotherapy can be applied inwardly as well as between people.

When someone is treated with kindness, compassion, and understanding, their true nature is more likely to be revealed. Thus, this idea can be seen as a reminder that when we are treated with kindness, we may feel more at ease and more inclined to be open and honest about who we are. It can also be interpreted as a call to be more understanding and compassionate towards others, as this may help to create an environment in which people feel more comfortable being themselves.

It is worth noting that this idea is a generalisation and that individuals may have unique experiences of how they reveal their true selves to others. Additionally, the concept of the true self can be understood and interpreted in different ways by different people, and may be influenced by factors such as culture, personal values, and individual circumstances.

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