Love poem

All good things and the joys
Of a fulfilled life and legacy,
And all the corrections and patience,
The cage that locked our hearts.

Love eternal, give me strength
For that which is the love I crave!
And many years in love’s embrace
To fill my soul and bathe in grace.

Bring me partnership, oh love,
Give me that one that lasts forever.
Marry me to devotion and patience
So that I may live in two bodies.

To be honest, that all is just nonsense.
Absolute rubbish, the lot of it!
Empty trash talk, hollow sentiment,
Oh, Shakespeare, there thou aren’t.

Because I didn’t have it in me
To write about my deepest wish;
I didn’t give you a chance to know the truth.
I shouldn’t hide it.

I wish I could tell you now
That regardless of how much this may scare you,
I’ve loved you since the first moment I’ve met you.
That’s it. I love you.

150 150 Alexandru R
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