At the end of the world

When we first heard
That the world will end,
We felt afraid;
We felt betrayed;
Something shattered
And time stopped.
We felt alone.

We gasped for air,
We said our goodbyes,
And then we waited.
We waited for the end,
We waited to be saved,
We wondered what
Could have been.

We thought about us,
About our old age
And about everything
Being OK.
We looked at us,
The last people –
The best people.

We found a speaker
So we played music;
Eventually, I noticed
Us all moving together.
We danced together –
Of this we were
But none the wiser.

And so we danced
At the end of the world.
Foolish, imperfect,
Smiling, unimportant;
Resentful and forgiving.
Dangerously, Lovingly,
We danced at the end.

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