I lost the sadness
Which used to fill this room,
And your love –
I lost it’s tracks
Along with yours.
Or have I?
I lost the chimes
That used to call out
Your name in the wind.
Or perhaps I stopped
Listening to their sweetness.
I lost our home
Where we grew up
Or, rather, got lost
On my way back.
Willingly, maybe.
I lost a country
Full of nothing for us
Yet here I am,
Struck with grief,
And it never goes away.
How I miss you:
You, force of nature – You.
The idle days.
The returning sadness
With callous boldness,
The sadness I thought I lost,
Brings with it again and again
The love you always held for me.
You darling boy,
I remember you, always,
And I see you in my dreams.

150 150 Alexandru R
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