The future is unknown to us because man has a habit of stealing wonders man doesn’t understand and insist that they are made ordinary.

​​The concept encapsulates the tendency of human beings to rationalise and normalise extraordinary phenomena or advancements that they cannot fully comprehend. Throughout history, humanity has been confronted with remarkable discoveries and innovations that challenge existing beliefs and push the boundaries of knowledge. However, instead of embracing these wonders, humans often attempt to demystify them or reduce their significance, inadvertently limiting their potential and closing the door to further exploration.

In many cases, when faced with something unfamiliar or extraordinary, people have a tendency to strip it of its mystique and relegate it to the realm of the ordinary. This habit stems from the fear of the unknown and the desire to maintain a sense of control and familiarity. By reducing wonders to ordinary, mundane occurrences, individuals feel more comfortable and can maintain their established worldview without having to confront the profound implications of the unknown. This tendency can stifle progress and inhibit the development of new ideas and technologies.

Moreover, the inclination to steal wonders man doesn’t understand can lead to the appropriation and misappropriation of concepts, inventions, and discoveries. Rather than appreciating and respecting the original creators or the origins of these wonders, some individuals or societies may claim them as their own, denying the contributions and knowledge of others. This act of stealing intellectual property or dismissing the achievements of others further perpetuates a cycle of ignorance and hinders the collective advancement of humanity.

As a consequence of these behaviours, the future becomes increasingly obscured and uncertain. By failing to recognize and embrace the wonders that lie beyond our understanding, we limit our potential for growth and discovery. To truly progress, it is essential for humanity to cultivate a mindset of curiosity, wonder, and humility, acknowledging that there will always be mysteries that elude our grasp. By embracing the unknown and resisting the urge to make wonders ordinary, we can create a future where extraordinary possibilities flourish and propel us towards new frontiers of knowledge and understanding.

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