I walk this earth like Athos.

Their weight, my shoulders press
Down to their glorious resting place;
I carry them like chests of gold,
Their wisdom which was left untold.

I press hard into this earth –
And build in parts my own self-worth.
Away from Id I ran and ran,
From earth I came and earth I am.

I have to be the one to try,
With wisdom’s words I cannot die.
Though uneasy the soul shivers
When the boom of courage quivers.

I walk this earth for me.

150 150 Alexandru R

For the women

I love how I can still impress my mother –
She always made me feel like I belonged.

I love how I don’t have to impress my boss –
She already knows I’m capable of great things.

I love how my cousin is a kind fool, like me –
She is the sister I never had and always wanted.

I love how my aunt is not quite my mother –
She teaches me about multi-dimensional women.

I love that my therapist thinks I’m a genius –
She’s held my giant and she knows me profoundly.

I love how my best friend celebrates my success –
She always thought I’m to be famous one day.

I love listening to Oprah, and Brene, and Pink –
They fill in the wisdom gaps my mother never could.

I love Jane, and Dolly, and Whoopi, and Wanda –
We will never be friends but we will always be allies.

I love how these women raise me, inspired me –
I am a fully rounded person because of them.

I love, I love, I love, I love – that’s their legacy;
I love how they’re part of me.

150 150 Alexandru R

Contemplations on the thoughts of death

Alas, said the ghost of death, you see,
Naked of your gods, you all come to me.
In sprints you rise and in sprints you fall,
The life of man shall cease at dawn.

And from your death you rise again
To stand weary in the world of men.
I pray you see there is no scope
For you to seal your fait with rope.

For glory, many battles you pursue;
For your names in stone to be made true.
Although your life you can’t sustain,
What rose a man shall fall again.

Before you, I shall bring but peace,
In times when life for you will cease.
But wonder now upon your grave,
Isn’t this what man has made?

150 150 Alexandru R


Break me, world,
But do not kill me.
I have so much life
To live ahead of me.

Take me, world,
But don’t hide me.
I have so many stories
To inspire you with.

Surprise me, world,
But do not frighten me.
I have so much lust
To wonder at your beauty.

Leave me, world,
But do not abandon me.
I have so much love
To give to you.

150 150 Alexandru R
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