All that I have
To give to you
Is invisible to your eyes
And untouchable
To your fingers.
It glows in the dark
And it’s the light
Of my eyes.
It’s warm in the winter
And it lives
In my touch.
It’s everything you feel
When I touch you
At a distance
And it’s every atom
That vibrates
In the cosmos.

150 150 Alexandru R

No heaven for us

You know they say
People like us
Don’t go to heaven…
But who would want heaven
When I can have you.
The corners of smile
When you look into my eyes.
The dance of your tears
When you’re filled with gratitude.
Your wild lust, your care.
My gentle discipline.
How you get under my skin.
So many moments –
Our imagination set free.
Our desires alive, expressed.
Many things to live without
But none as easy to, because
Even if we can’t have heaven,
I have this earth with you.

150 150 Alexandru R


If the sea was endless
I would have loved you forever.
Just like all dreamy things,
We never wish their end.
My love for you is a sea
That pours into this world
And I am it and it is me
And I am fluid and free.
Although I can’t love you forever,
There’s a lot of water in the sea.

150 150 Alexandru R

Note to self #1

Your strength holds me.
Your resilience inspires me.
Your kindness humbles me.
Your courage guides me.
Your passion keeps me alive.

Thank you for your strength.
Thank you for your resilience.
Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for your courage.
Thank you for your passion.

I’m proud of you.

150 150 Alexandru R

Time arrows

Isn’t it curious
Who we are:
Not just a dot in time
But a line in time,
Hours of time,
An arrow of time.
Isn’t it great how
We grow in time
And with time,
How we’re not just
One moment,
But every moment?
Although it feels like
We’re here just now,
We’ve been here
All along.

150 150 Alexandru R

Morning sun

I love waking up
Early in the morning
When the sun shines through
My double window.
I cover my eyes
Because the sun is bright
And I have sleepy eyes.
The sun that shines
On my bedroom walls
Reminds me of waking up
With the best person,
The right person.
Wake up, wake up –
The sun calls to me gently
So that I can find you again.

150 150 Alexandru R


Hold my demons
Like they were your angels:
I want to feel my soul
Held by yours.

Hold my thoughts
Like they were your jewels:
I want to feel my heart
Held by yours.

Hold my chin up
Like it was your cup:
I want to feel my body
Held by yours.

Hold my arm
Like it was your truth:
I want to feel my presence
Felt by yours.

150 150 Alexandru R

Heart beat

I want to hear my heart beating
When it beats not too slow
And not too fast,
Just beat, beat after beat,
Just slow enough
For me to enjoy this day,
And just fast enough
For my heart to have courage.

150 150 Alexandru R


We are the strangers
Who are strange.
We are the rebels
With a cause.

We stand out,
We stand on our own.
We are lonely
Together with the world.

We are rule benders,
And life preceptors.
We make the
Unknown, known.

We are the savages
Who live in the city.
We are dreamers
Who dream in the light.

150 150 Alexandru R

My double chin

I shaved off my beard today
So I can see my double chin.
I almost don’t want to hide it anymore.
I almost don’t mind it.
It’s almost not mine to hide,
Not yours to judge.
My beard hides my shame,
My mothers’ shame,
So it’s hard to do without.
I almost missed my double chin.
It reminds me of my mother;
I got it from her
And she’s the sweetest thing.
My double chin teaches me
To love my body, see my body,
Just like my mother loves me,
Sees me.
And I never really liked it.
I was never a big fan of it.
My double chin.
But I love the love.

150 150 Alexandru R
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