For the women

I love how I can still impress my mother –
She always made me feel like I belonged.

I love how I don’t have to impress my boss –
She already knows I’m capable of great things.

I love how my cousin is a kind fool, like me –
She is the sister I never had and always wanted.

I love how my aunt is not quite my mother –
She teaches me about multi-dimensional women.

I love that my therapist thinks I’m a genius –
She’s held my giant and she knows me profoundly.

I love how my best friend celebrates my success –
She always thought I’m to be famous one day.

I love listening to Oprah, and Brene, and Pink –
They fill in the wisdom gaps my mother never could.

I love Jane, and Dolly, and Whoopi, and Wanda –
We will never be friends but we will always be allies.

I love how these women raise me, inspired me –
I am a fully rounded person because of them.

I love, I love, I love, I love – that’s their legacy;
I love how they’re part of me.

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