My name is Alexandru and I am an artist.
I’ve been on a journey of recovery and healing.
Recovery from abuse, healing from trauma.
I’m still on that journey most of the time.
I am a scared and lonely child
And I belong to this race. There is only one.
I am of a different world than the one I live in.
I hold my glance steady at my anger, and at yours.
I keep my ears peeled on my language, and on yours.
I let go of the anger that isn’t mine.
I exhale trauma passionately.
I am a curious observer, ready to hold up a mirror.
A mirror you won’t like.
A mirror you won’t want.
A story of the disenfranchised.
The tortured. The humble. The bold.
I am a misfit. I am a rebel.
I am the mirror. The reflection of you.
My queerness will challenge you.
My purpose is my self expression.
I have something to say.
I want you to hear me, friend.
I’m here!
I intend to walk forward
With one hand in front of me to greet you
And the other reaching out behind me,
Because making way for myself
Means making way for others.
My head is unbowed.
I have impossible dreams.
I pause often.
I often miss the point.
I know the sound of a slamming door.
I stand on the shoulders of giants.
I amplify the call for peace.
I have to fuel the fire in my heart.
I must express it through art.
My mediums are selected carefully.
My creativity holds no bounds.
My blocks are my challenges
And my challenge is to discover myself.
I am a centrist looking at both sides in equal measure.
I am an activist
And I speak for those that do not have a voice.
I stand for those who cannot
And I stand with those who can.
I eat fire and brimstone.
I am multi dimensional.
I am a human being.
I am deeply flawed.
I am always learning.
I am learning how to love myself.
I deserve your respect.
I demand your respect.
I lead with my heart and eyes open.
I am neurodiverse in a neurobasic world.
I am a fighter, and my elbows are rough
And so are my knees.
I go one step at a time.
I go one step further.
I hold your truth as my own.
I hold myself responsible for my actions.
I see you when you don’t see yourself.
My religion is patience
And my temple is freedom.
My mission is to enable.
I am here to bring forward
The stories that pour out of me.
I will do it with or without your help.
I am here to smile.
I have no gods other than the ones I create in my mind.
I believe in the majestic power of this universe
To always conspire in my favour.
I am coming through.
I come with a warning label.
I am crazy brave
And I am never alone.

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