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Featured poetry by Alexandru R


If I’m awake to see the sun come up
My thoughts of desperation turn to sleep.
My being draws breath from fire
And in fire life breathes life inside of me.
The ball of fire calls to me to rise
For it has cleared the clouded path.
I cross the threshold of my house
With sleepy eyes and muffled voice,
But the fire that touches my face
And eyes and heart and soul wakes me.
Like a swift touch of mother’s love
It raises me to hope and daydreams.
My dearest heaven, my greatest god,
Good morning.

150 150 Alexandru R

My anxiety prayer

When I’m anxious in the morning
I shall remember excitement.

When I’m anxious in public
I shall remember I’m not alone.

When I’m anxious at work
I shall remember my value.

When I’m anxious to create
I shall remember my dreams.

When I’m anxious with him
I shall remember patience.

When I’m anxious about the future
I shall remember courage.

When I’m anxious at night
I shall remember peace.

And when I’m anxious in life
I shall remember compassion.

150 150 Alexandru R

Come rise

Come rise, you giant,
Made of clay, come rise.
All that belongs to love
Shall be forgiven.

Come lift your sorrow
And bathe in light today.
All that belongs to love
Shall be remembered.

Come reach the top
Of the mountain of life.
All that belongs to love
Shall be lived.

Come bring your heart
And all the joy and pain.
All that belongs to love
Shall be felt.

Come, you, giant, rise!
And rise over again.
All that belongs to love
Shall be reborn.

150 150 Alexandru R
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