Hope (2021, Readymade) Alix de Bretagne

A Special Auction for the Terrence Higgins Trust

I am delighted to announce my participation in the Terrence Higgins Trust Live Auction, part of The Auction Collective. I am auctioning a readymade entitled “Hope” (2021).

This readymade is incredibly touching, to say the least. It is my reflection on the struggles of people affected by the HIV global pandemic. Anything I would have to say about the pandemic or about the struggle would be futile – I cannot fathom the implications of this deadly virus, the impact it has had over the decades and more importantly, all the great talent we have lost to it. In my contemplation on the affects of the pandemic, I have noticed a common thread – the hope people have for a cure – and that’s what this readymade is all about, hope.

More details here. You can join the live event via Eventbrite.

And as always, long live the King: Freddie Mercury.

1447 1921 Alexandru R
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