Pride 🏳️‍🌈

It’s something we carry in our hearts
And sometimes share with the world.
It’s our antidote to ignorance
And our calling march in summer.

It’s something we share with our friends
When we dance the nights away.
It’s every drop in our teary eyes
When we catch a glimpse of it in others.

It’s something we build everyday
And fight to keep alive and beaming.
It’s a soft bending, stubborn hope,
A spiritual practice with no dogma.

It’s something in the strut of our heels
And the glitter that covers our wounds.
It’s the glue of our community
And the sweet embrace of our kin.

It’s something living in every broken heart
And it’s somewhere where we all belong.
Our glory anthem. Our war and peace.
Our Pride.

150 150 Alexandru R
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