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You can be objective with art. Art is only subjective when it reveals something about you.

The idea that you can be objective with art suggests that it is possible to analyze and evaluate art in a way that is unbiased and based on objective criteria. This could include things like technique, composition, historical context, and the intended message or purpose of the art. When approaching art from an objective perspective, the viewer may attempt to set aside their personal feelings or preferences and focus on the art itself.

However, the idea that art is only subjective when it reveals something about you suggests that, in some cases, the viewer’s subjective experience or interpretation of the art may be an important part of the overall meaning or impact of the piece. For example, if a viewer has a personal connection to the themes or symbols present in a work of art, their subjective experience of the art may be more significant to them than any objective criteria. In this way, the viewer’s subjective response to the art can be seen as an important part of the art’s overall significance or value.

It is worth noting that this idea is a generalization and that there are many different ways to approach and interpret art. Some people may prioritize objective criteria when evaluating art, while others may place more emphasis on their personal feelings or connections to the piece. Additionally, the meaning and significance of art can be influenced by a wide range of factors, including the artist’s intention, the historical and cultural context in which the art was created, and the viewer’s own background and experiences.

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