Stand Guard At The Entrance Of Your Mind

(Abstract, 2020)

In this abstract, Plato, a significant figure in philosophy, makes an appearance across the blue and white canvas in the form of an alabaster sculpture.  His head and feet are lost to symbolise the wear and tear of knowledge over time and the creeping influence of misinformation and misinterpretation, as portrayed by the image of Satan which can only be revealed by UV light. The artist encourages a deeper scrutiny of ancient wisdom.



Acrylic and UV paint, cardboard and alabaster set in a golden polymer frame.

Dimensions: 60 × 2 × 60 cm

How to buy

This art piece is classed as an abstract sculpture.

This art piece is sold under the artist name “Alexandru R”. All past art pieces created and signed as “Alix de Bretagne” shall be considered the works of Alexandru R.

Stand Guard At The Entrance Of Your Mind (physical copy)

Defined as a copy produced on the basis of the artist’s unique certificate of authenticity. 

Estimated price: £2280
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