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About Ego

Conceptual Art Film (2021)

In this art piece, Alexandru R interprets several philosophical ideas. On the one hand, the artist contemplates a physical manifestation of the disintegration of the ego. On the other, it closely resembles the cycle of life and death, from conception into dissolution. The artist also aims to illustrate a deep philosophical theory: the relativity of time to the observer.


“There are a great many things to be said about the meaning behind this piece; the key is the observer and their interpretation. I want the observer to feel completely free to come up with their own interpretation. After all, art is only relevant in the context of observation.The art piece reveals something quite profound: it shows us the inner workings of the cosmos and all things within it, including us – life and death and back into life and back into death and so on, forever.” – Alexandru R


Time Warp

The video player will give you the option to either keep time, slow down time or speed up time – you can use this to your advantage: if you’d like a quick meditation, speed it up to the maximum; or, if you would prefer a longer meditation, slow the video down. It’s also recommended you make the video fullscreen.

Video Sound

Instead of selecting a specific soundtrack, the artist invites you to play your own. You can play whatever music you see fit for meditation purposes or otherwise; simply play your own music in a different player whilst the video is playing here.

My meditation Soundtrack for “About Ego”




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