After dinner conversation turns sour when Max and Nathan discuss Max’s infidelity.

THE TALK is a short film exploring the complexities of modern day queer relationships and their attitude towards infidelity. At first, Nathan is hesitant towards having the conversation with Max – he’d rather not know about Max’s recent fling with a random guy he met at the gym. As Max confesses his love for the guy and his desire to leave their marriage, Nathan fights for his dignity and place in their relationship. 

Written and directed by Alexandru R

Production Detail

Film Details


Format: One shot, Anamorphic 1.33
Run time:
9 minutes
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Themes: Modern relationships, Commitment, Monogamy, Trust, Avoidance, Truth
Cast count: 2 main + ≤5 extras

Production Schedule


Shooting dates: June, TBC
Shooting days required: 1 day

Rehearsal dates: May, TBC
Rehearsal days: ≤3 days



Subject to successful application to the
BFI Short Film Fund.
If application will be unsuccessful, the production will cover EXPENSES ONLY.


Camera: BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
Lens: Samyang 24mm F3.5 ED AS UMC Tilt Shift

To be confirmed. Subject to change.



Producer: Caitlyn Brandom

Cinematographer: Arsenii Morin

First Assistant Director: Luke Costen

Sound Recordist: Ryames Chan

Sound Designer: Eddie Harrison

Production Designer: 2 days (Open)

Colourist: Raef Braithwaite


Version 2024, March 4 (1:52PM)

Please note the script will likely evolve as we rehearse, develop and discover the story further.


Max: Open
Nathan: Open
Woman, shoulder in frame: Open
Extras x 4: Open

This film is a very exciting challenge. I think it will work very well, but it’s hard to be sure until we see it. Shot in one single take from a distance, I want to draw the audience in by making them feel like a character in the story. And not just any character: Max’s new fling who joins him and his husband, Nathan, at Max’s sister’s dinner party. We will film it from a distance over an actor’s shoulder to make the audience feel like they are eavesdropping on the couple’s fight. We will also be using a tilt shift lens to further draw the audience in and create a more natural point of view. If you’re crazy brave, loving the idea and would like to be part of this project, I would love to hear from you.
Alexandru R
Writer and Director



Mid thirties, male, charismatic, ego-centric, opportunistic, extrovert, old money.

Max is an intelligent and career-driven person who likes to fit in and be part of the gang. His relaxed demeanour is only a front for his mischievous nature. He is always looking for the next hot thing. Max has never been fully loyal to Nathan, in spite of their marriage vows. As much as he loved Nathan at the start, his desire for novelty is too strong – he must break away from the shackles of marriage into a new, exciting territory.


Mid thirties, male, dedicated, peaceful until provoked, new money, introvert.

Nathan is a smart and hardworking person, dedicated to his partner. His loving and caring demeanour is a front for a machiavellian ambition to maintain the illusion of a power couple with his husband. Nathan often looks the other way when it comes to Max’s indiscretions and is committed to keeping his relationship at any cost.

Casting for the roles above is now open. 

If you’d like to be considered, please send an email to with your showreel. At this time, we can only consider candidates with existing showreels. 
Interviews and auditions will be made online.

We will consider everyone that fits the description of the characters, regardless of their ethnic background or where they are in their career. We are looking for talent.

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