Magic Moments

A web series of micro-shorts about the bittersweet moments of queer victory

Written and directed by Alexandru R

Production Detail

Series Details


1. Social media portrait 1080 x 1920px
2. Anamorphic 1.33

Social media
Alexandru R online theatre
Run time:
3 minutes maximum each episode
Genre: Drama
Themes: Uplifting, Success Stories,
Personal Moments, Achievement
Cast count: 1 per episode




Production Schedule


Shooting dates: To be decided with cast
Shooting days required: 1 day

Rehearsal dates: To be decided with cast
Rehearsal days: 1 day



Camera: iPhone 13 Pro Max
Lens: Moment Anamorphic 1.33

To be confirmed. Subject to change.



Series Producer: 5 days (Open)

First AD: 1 day per episode (Open)

Colourist: 1 day per episode (Open)

Sound Designer: 1 day per episode (Open)

There are so many moments of queer victory and joy in our everyday lives and they are worth celebrating. With this web series, my intention is to bring to life these otherwise unnoticeable magic moments. We all face hard times and we know despair and depression too well, so it’s worth cherishing the moments when we finally rise from it all. I took inspiration from my life and from the lives of those who inspire me - my friends. My hope is that these fragments will uplift all of us when we need it most.
Alexandru R
Writer and Director



The moment when you call your mum with good news.

Connor calls his mum to tell her about a great guy he’s met recently.

The moment you’re a successful writer and you’ve paid off all your debt.

A writer calls to make the final payment to her creditors. To her surprise, the woman she’s speaking to on the phone offers her encouragement and comfort.

The moment when you have a choice between de-escalation and panic.

Johnny arrives home to find Tom in distress. The screen splits and two stories unfold: In one half of the screen, Johnny doesn’t say anything and is there for Tom. In the other half of the screen, Johnny panics and compels Tom to tell him what’s wrong.

The micro short focuses on teaching its audience about the seven de-escalation strategies which enable a better conflict resolution: act calm, respect boundaries, give the option to discuss now or later, listen, change perspective, invite to join in a calming activity and give space and time.


Role one: Johnny, male, twenty to forty
Role two: Tom, male, twenty to forty

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Episode detail to be confirmed.

Episode detail to be confirmed.

Episode detail to be confirmed.

Casting for the roles above is now open. 

If you’d like to be considered, please send an email to with your showreel. At this time, we can only consider candidates with existing showreels. 
Interviews and auditions will be made online.

We will consider everyone that fits the description of the characters, regardless of their ethnic background or where they are in their career. We are looking for talent.

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