The End

TLDR: “The End” is a short film that chronicles the journey of five youngsters who find themselves confronted with an unknown danger. This one-shot film intimately captures the group’s bewildered attempts to comprehend the unfolding cataclysm while planning their escape.

Run time: 10 minutes
Budget: Low/Essential Costs, self funded
 iPhone 13 Pro
Max (Subject to change)
Lens: Moment 1.33 Anamorphic (Subject to change)
Cast count: 5
Crew: Director, AD, DOP, Sound, Runner, VFX Artist, Editor, Colour Grading
Script: Revised Script (29.07.2023)
Rough timeline: July pre-production, August filming, September post-production
Rehearsal time: 2 days
Filming: 1 day

Production Schedule TBC


“This is without a doubt an ambitious film. My goal is to work with the cast in rehearsal so that by the time we start shooting, it will be a carefully choreographed theatre play. I know it’s a daunting prospect, but I am confident in my ability to make this happen, bring out the best in our cast and deliver a great cinematic experience. If you want to challenge yourself and come along on this crazy ride, I’d love to hear from you”
Alexandru R
Alexandru R
Director, Producer and whatever it takes

The film starts with the five characters, Luke, Adam, Emma, Rory and Jack, sharing a picnic at the edge of a forest, overlooking the city. Luke starts filming his boyfriend, Adam. A white flash of light appears on top of them and they run into the forest. The group tries to understand what is happening to them as they navigate their way out. As they deepen into the forest, Emma, Rory, Jack and eventually Adam disappear, leaving Luke to discover all of their fates, as well as his own.

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