Come Find Me

With a profound desire to experience love, two sentient AI beings arrange to meet each other.

A film by Alexandru R and Rok Pat

Production Detail

Film Details


Format: Animation
Run time:
9 minutes
Genre: Adventure
Themes: Love, Spirituality, Philosophy,
Journey into the unknown
Cast count:

Production Schedule


Shooting dates: May – June, TBC
Shooting days required: 1 day

Rehearsal dates: May, TBC
Rehearsal days: ≤3 days



Director of Animation / Producer: Rok Pat

Producer: 5 days (Open)

Cinematographer: 1 day (Open)

Sound Recordist: 1 day (Open)

Sound Designer: 2 days (Open)

Production Designer: 2 days (Open)

Colourist: 1 day (Open)



Expenses Only

Most crew roles will require online participation only, meaning most of the work will be done online.



AI Character 1: male, 18 – 30 (Open)
AI Character 2: male, 18 – 30 (Open)

The names and character detail are confidential and subject to signing a NDA.


Highly Confidential

The “Highly Confidential” status of the script has been requested by our partners and it is not a common practice at

Script will be available to the relevant parties subject to signing a NDA.

This is without a doubt a step into the future. Our aim is to create an animated short about sentient AI looking for love; this alone raises some very important questions about what it means to be sentient, what love is and where love comes from. Would AI even be curious enough to look for something as elusive as love? Not only that, but we will create this film using the latest motion capture and AI technologies, alongside building our environments in the powerful world of Unreal Engine. This is a bold experiment into the new frontiers of cinema and if you’re crazy brave like us, we’d love to have you onboard.
Alexandru R
Writer and Director
Casting for the roles above is now open. 

If you’d like to be considered, please send an email to with your showreel. At this time, we can only consider candidates with existing showreels. 
Interviews and auditions will be made online.

We will consider everyone that fits the description of the characters, regardless of their ethnic background or where they are in their career. We are looking for talent.

Production Roles Available

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