Immigrant Writer. Queer Philosopher. Conceptual Artist.


Alexandru R

Welcome &
Bun Venit

The boxes your brain is eager to put me in are: 
Writer (storyteller)
Conceptual artist (I thought they were all dead)
Philosopher (curious nature, wonder is my guide)
First generation immigrant (British-Romaian, lucky to have two homes that I love)
Queer (non-binary, either pronoun works)
ADHD and OCD (I call it my AC/DC)
Neurodivergent brain (My thinking is not linear, it’s spherical, in many directions)
Mental health advocate (I call them mental health challenges, not issues)
Sexual health advocate (Better sex ed NOW)
Human rights activist (because we all deserve respect, love and belonging)
Mediator (INFP-T)
Wild heart. (This one I can’t explain)

All connected, all interdependent, all valuable. 

Writing the stories that live in my heart and feed my soul

I was 16 when I published my first novel “Ultimul Sarut” (The Last Kiss, Unirea Press, 2006). It was about two people in love. 

I write about everything that speaks to heart, and I write for different mediums. I write about mental health, philosophy, the human condition, and I write about you. From film scripts to poetry and philosophical fragments, I hope you’ll enjoy my written work in whichever format you discover it.

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Alexandru R Storyteller
The Stuff Of Nightmares - The Scale

Conceptual Art 

Curious about conceptual art? Don’t know what it is? Don’t get it? That’s awesome – I’d love to help you discover it more, through my eyes. I can only promise to give you an experience, the rest is up to you.