Immigrant Writer. Queer Philosopher. Conceptual Artist.


Quite frankly, when it comes to writing, I can't imagine not doing it

I was 16 when I published my first novel “Ultimul Sarut” (The Last Kiss, Unirea Press, 2006). It was about two people in love. 

I write about everything that speaks to heart, and I write for different mediums. I write about mental health, philosophy, the human condition, and I write about you. From film scripts to poetry and philosophical fragments, I hope you’ll enjoy my written work in whichever format you discover it.

Alexandru R Storyteller
The Stuff Of Nightmares - The Scale

Conceptual Art 

Curious about conceptual art? Don’t know what it is? Don’t get it? That’s awesome – I’d love to help you discover it more, through my eyes. I can only promise to give you an experience, the rest is up to you. 

A queer immigrant success story, currently unfolding.

TLDR: Writer, conceptual artist, philosopher, first generation immigrant, queer, ADHD, neurodivergent brain, empath, mental health advocate, human rights activist, mediator (INFP-T), sense of humour, wild heart. Storyteller.

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